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29th Jun, 2017

Building Artificial Intelligence in the Business Ecosystem

The fast-paced evolution in the technology space is re-shaping the business model holistically.

28th Jun, 2017

New-age technology driven HR practices

The influx of new technologies has dramatically reshaped the workplaces of today. This evolution has been a gradual process, however, has taken up an exponential pace lately – all in order to improve the overall employee experience.

17th Jun, 2017

SMBs should leverage tech to drive efficiency: Denave CEO

Reaching new customers and increasing sales are essential for the growth of any company.

14th Jun, 2017

Rise of Omni Channel Shoppers – Reality of Revamped Retail

The persistent parade of new technologies has been unfolding on multiple fronts. Today, almost every remarkable innovation is billed as a breakthrough and the list of “next big thing” keeps on growing even bigger.