At loss when it comes to managing and analysing customer’s purchase journey? Facing customer retention issues and thus loss of recurring sales opportunity? Still exploring ways to sustain and capitalise on business relationships? DenCRM is the way forward.

DenCRM is Denave’s proprietary Tele lead generation tool developed through best practices to manage customer relationships for achieving desired business growth. It comprises of fully customisable and an intuitive dashboard providing 360-view of the buyer’s journey.


Customizable workflows facilitating Rescheduling/Reassignment
Real time reporting in exportable format
Web Based Management Panel enabling multiple access levels for secured and easy operation
Holistic campaign management with in-depth view on resource mobilization and capturing complete sales motion
Intelligent dashboards tracking program health index and trend identification
Single window access to setup campaign
Performance assessment, competency mapping, customizable training resources with auto feedbacks
Integrated with Denave’s proprietary ‘Unified Database’ platform for maintaining data consistency, data accuracy and data reliability
Real time data validation and data availability for reporting & analysis
Success Story
  • Intuitive dashboards and business insights
  • Integrated training and quality assessment
  • Intelligent Data management and database planning
  • Single window access for campaign set-up
  • Performance and competency mapping solution
  • Extensive customisation
  • Web based management panel
  • Secure and easy operation
  • Backup storage of calls and data

CRM- The Past, Present and Future

The Journey from a Data Entry System
to an Intelligent Tool!



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