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Case Studies

Achieved 100% Automation by using dedicated planogram management tool

Therapeutic & Clinical Nutrition Product Company increases category sales by 18%

20% Improvement in Data Accuracy Through Denave's Retail Solutions

3X faster closure on activity execution through Denave’s retail solution

Denave’s retail solutions lead to more than 20% improvement in hygiene compliance score

12X ROI Achieved through Tele and Feet-on-Street Engine

End-To-End In-Store Retail Program Results in Productivity Compliance & Sales Improvement

Denave manages the inbound value chat through integrated programs.

Denave's highly customizable data analytics engine resulted in 100% accuracy in predicting unplanned stock-outs overcoming loss of sales.

Denave's highly customizable data analytics engine resulted in 10X expansion in geo coverage within a year.

Denave's Trade Marketing Tool expertly execute on-field campaigns with real-time web integration to achieve tighter program management.


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