Components of Sales Enablement: Are You Using the Right Mix?

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15th Nov, 2017

Improving sales performance certainly isn’t a new objective for businesses. In fact, businesses have been leveraging different methods and tools to improve their sales performance since forever. However, with 85% of the customer experiences to be managed without involving any human interaction in 2020 (research study by Gartner); businesses are looking for the right combination of people , processes, and technologies to deal with this less-humanized yet more personalized remote sales environment.

In such times, a methodical yet strategic planning in terms of what is required and when it is required – can make all the difference. A sales enablement strategy with all well-knit components in place can lead to improved sales productivity and effectiveness. Let’s take a look at what are these broad elements of sales enablement one needs to be aware of, click on the video to know more:




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