Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Looking for Fail-proof Demand Generation Strategies?

At every step of the sales journey, sourcing new leads to closing revenue within the sales ecosystem, the seller is overwhelmed with emerging & increasing data and dynamic digital technologies. Denave’s Demand generation service embodies digital transformation with cloud computing at its core. We help you deploy the correct mix of digital and proven traditional marketing methods as a fully integrated Demand Generation engine to accelerate revenue and optimise ROI.

Our service is designed to kickstart a stronger sales funnel, provide sales-ready leads, build a robust sales pipeline, shorten the sales cycle, increase conversion rates, support inside-sales function, manage the web of channel partners and accelerate the efficacy and productivity of the sales process. We complete the sales journey by aligning our ‘closure specialists’ with digital marketing prowess within the sales ecosystem.

An Overview

In the B2B landscape, Denave has proven competency in driving digital transformation, SMB penetration, cloud adoption, partner management, customer retention, revenue maximisation and more. Leveraging our digital marketing capability, our demand generation service is a holistic engine focused on building propensity, thereby cooking the prospects and moving them to the lead funnel faster.

In the Partner Management domain, we understand that the channel ecosystem is a complex web made up of channel partners varying in size and capability.  Each channel partner is driven by their own product focus and territory, impacting their contribution to the vendor’s sales. Through our Partner Management services, we focus on building end-to-end visibility, comprehensive reporting, driving adoption of programs/campaigns and focusing on a unified solution.

Demand Generation strategies at Denave are delivered through domain, language and culture experts – all resulting in a robust sales journey and end-to-end sales enablement.

Inside Sales

  • SMB penetration competency
  • Driving cloud sales and adoption
  • Dedicated geo-specific teams with native language competency
  • Digital marketing leverage

Lead Generation

  • Maximize net new customer acquisition
  • Multi-channel lead generation
  • Intelligent database backed sales leads
  • Digital marketing leverage



  • Minimize/ eliminate product piracy
  • Enhanced set of compliant customers
  • Identify new channels of revenue generation



  • Minimised revenue leakage
  • Drive revenue through subscription renewals
  • Nurture new and existing revenue streams
  • Digital marketing leverage

Audience Generation

  • Generate the right audience
  • Execute sales-centric strategies
  • Digital marketing leverage

Partner Management

  • Methodology-driven strategic advisory support across geos
  • MDF Program management and MDF enablement
  • Streamline sales channels and stakeholder management
  • Reporting alignment and adherence across relevant metrics
  • Partner marketing concierge

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