Intelligent Database Management

Intelligent Database Management

Where’s my next new customer?

Redundant and unstructured data hinders qualified lead generation and stumps digital engagement efforts increasing the sales cost exponentially. If your market penetration and customer reach expansion plans are plagued by unstructured, non-standard and non-customizable database management, Denave’s Intelligent Database Management Service could just be the solution for you.

An Overview

Our tech-powered Database service leveraging automation and machine learning, ensures access to large volumes of contactable contacts and unique accounts in a remarkably shorter span of time. It also leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability that helps in overcoming the challenges of market penetration in non-English speaking countries with geo-specific accurate and refreshed database. The end result is verified, structured, clean and on-demand generated B2B database – a dream come true for any lead generation campaign. And the cherry on the cake? You have upfront visibility to the quality score of the database – so no more hitting the blind spot!

With benefits such as higher accuracy and speed, greater depth of profiling, reduction in manual errors, high volumes of clean, standardized and high-quality data, deeper market access and lower costs – the journey to achieve stellar market penetration could just start right away for your business!

Whitespace Discovery- Net New Customer Acquisition

  • Leverage technology to discover untapped customer database
  • Increase market size, customer reach and scale-up faster
  • Increase market penetration even across non-English speaking geos

Database Cleaning & Validation- Reduce the Noise

  • Refreshed and relevant data with deep profiling
  • Reliable, accurate, verified, structured,  contactable & unique data
  • Enhance data intelligence for revenue maximisation

Database Profiling- Deeper Customer Insights

  • Automated profiling to evaluate & analyse data buckets
  • Enrich database with deep insights
  • Maintain data quality & monitor future data trends

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