Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics

Want to streamline merchandising & sales effectiveness?

Lack of synergy between multiple retails ops engine, disconnected, silo occurrence of data and insights across different functions stumps retailers’ effort of effecting accurate productivity & ROI co-relation analysis. More so, inability to identify growth drivers at store level, sub-optimal sales conversion vis-à-vis store footfall, failure in establishing sales authenticity and ‘loss of sales’ are the burden that retailers face on failure to leverage the right retail analytics solution. Then, the endeavour to deliver exemplary customer experience and accelerate ROI at the best is – doomed!

An Overview

Precision in Analytics relies heavily upon data quality and data-logic and an effective implementation help beef up retailers’ revenue while reducing revenue leakage. Denave’s retail analytics service leverages expertise in data science and advanced analytics to achieve an integrated view of all retail engines. It makes identification of growth drivers, prevention of loss of sales, footfall forecasting, efficient customer engagement model, merchandising and promotion effectiveness mapping – all a reality! In-depth merchandizing analytics, efficient data assessment, standardization & integration and effective monitoring and feedback mechanisms create sustainable improvement loop across all retail actions optimising resources and maximising ROI.


  • Obtain clean, structured, simplified and standardized data
  • Identify gaps in data generation and data collection
  • Maintain data sanctity in sync with translation
  • Frequent data testing ensuring quality adherence


  • Language and location agnostics data standardization and integration
  • Data simplification into normalized form
  • Data transformation as per the business rules
  • Data security implementation for controlled access


  • KPI dashboards, infographics, ops Insights, trackers
  • Data relationships and data modelling
  • Instantaneous spotting of trends & outliers for efficient decision-making
  • Quick analysis for business review and governance


  • Holistic view of market, customer, competition & operations
  • Identify growth drivers to maximize revenue
  • Gain real-time actionable inputs for operational excellence & performance optimization
  • Problem solving based on Advanced Analytics, Data Sciences and what-if simulations

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